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Be There

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Be There

Guest Writer
On February 17th, my best friend Michelle was sent to the hospital. I was never really been told what disease she had, but I was told that she was really sick.

Her sister Kayla was at a party. Michelle's mom called Kayla to tell her to come to the hospital, for this would be the last time she would be able to see Michelle. Kayla disagreed and stayed at the party with her friends. Kayla planned to stay the night at her friend Callie's house. She now regrets this.

Michelle's mom called me and told me to come down to the hospital. I sat beside Michelle's bed with her family. She kept asking were Kayla was. Later on that night I was told to go home.

In the morning of February 18th, I was woken up by the phone ringing. Michelle had died.

I was scared. Her dad told me everything would be alright, but I heard tears in his voice.

Michelle was only 12. She'd been sick since she was 6.

Kayla, who was 4 years older than Michelle, called me and asked if I could come over. We sat and talked and cried for hours about good and bad things.

Michelle's funeral came later that week. Kayla was very scared... she tried to run away from all the fear.

Let this be a lesson to you: be with your family when they tell you to come, and live it with them as if it were your last day with them.

Crying and signing off,




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