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Club Why Forum

Club Supporter
When my sister told me about Club Why I was thrilled to join. I had been saving for 4 months. At least, and now it was finally doing something!

I gladly support Whyville. If it wasn't for Whyville, I don't know where I'd be! So my words of advice are: join! If you don't have enough clams or real money, save! Don't go on shopping sprees every 3 days! Even better, send in some $$$ money! It's just taking a lil' bit out of your pocket to help our favorite site! Whyville needs all the support they can get! Oh, and wear da hat! That's support!

Glad to support,



Whyville Interviewer
Why Club Why!

Andy109 and I were hanging out in the Club Why room, and I decided to interview the nice little guy:

Me: "Andy, what do you think of Club Why?"
Andy: "I think it's great!!!"
Me: "Do you think the entry fee is fair?"
Andy: "Yes, 800 fake money is still worth less then $10 dollers to the real world... lol."


Me: "Is there anything you'd change about Club Why?"
Andy: "No mabye a few more beta test games."
Me: "Do you like that candle beta test game?"
Andy: "Yeperoori!"
Me: "Ok, Mr. Andy, we're done!"

Club Why is cool, fun, and for 800 clams, a great buy! Now, let me tell you what I think of Club Why. It's fun. It's nice. It helps out Whyville. So please join and show Whyville that you care!

Your Reporter,



Guest Writer
Hi! This is Smurfette. As you all know, there has been a lot of talk about Whyville closing down. Well, I decided to let you know ALL your choices or ways to help Whyville.


  1. Obviously you can just sign up with Club Why, with $10 or 800 clams.
  2. You can just be very nice and send in donations to Whyville.
  3. You can make banners in Whyville to let people know about it.
  4. You can wear the little signs that say help Whyville, or the Whyville hat.
  5. You can do a fundraising in your neighborhood for Whyville.
  6. You can tell all your friends about Whyville.

    And one more that most people haven't noticed:

  7. You can put the little Whyville logo on a website that you??ve created, to let people know about Whyville . You can find out how to get the logo by going to Whyville Square, then on the bottom of your screen there's a cool little logo. Click on that.

Well, I hope that these notions (ideas) will help you in making Whyville better.

This is Smurfette signing off ~~<:3~~~ Smurfette ~~~



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