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Don't Give Your Password to Anybody!

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Don't Give Your Password to Anybody!

Guest Writer
tapedtar signing on... signed on.

Hey, Tapedtar here!

I am writing this to all Whyvillians out there... Just recently my old account (tarheel) got banned. I am here to ask City Hall for forgiveness and to notify Whyvillians how important it is to keep your password to your self.

OK, it all started a while back.... My friend and I were trying to get our account salaries up as high as we could. My so-called "friend" took my password and stole my account. I thought he was just playing around until I found out that when on my other name he was not only cussing but cybering people! I was so steamed!

Then I got my account back, and tried to apologize to the people that that person had made a mockery of. I thought everything was back to normal, till a few days after that I tried to sign on to tarheel and it wouldn't let me on! I was really steamed then. It said this when I tried to get on my name...

    Sorry, tarheel has been banished for Whyville due to inappropriate behavior. Such behavior is not tolerated in Whyville, and we reserve the right to contact your Internet Service Provider.

After that, I got on my tapedtar account and sent City Hall a Y-mail begging for forgiveness, but I haven't got a reply yet. I guess this is the only way Whyvillians will listen to me. I want to apologize for my friend's behavior, and for giving him my password in the first place! I just want things to be back to normal again!


But, if I don't get my account back there will be no tarheel, no Pixie Co. products from tarheel, no products from tarheel, no 32,000 clams, no 54 clam salary for me, no Whyville member, and most of all, no City Helper for tarheel. Now please City Hall, can I please have my account back?

For every person that Y-mails me a reply to this I will give 10 clams to them if I get my account back. Because I went from having 32,000 clams on my tarheel account to having 0 on my other account. Please help me!

And I want to thank my g/f Lucasluv for helping me out with this, by giving me some face parts! Thanx, babe!

Well, this is the former tarheel...

Signing off... signed off.



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