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False Hackers

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False Hackers

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This is nothing new but recently it has been brought to my attention more then ever before... the subject of hackers and stolen accounts.

I'd like to point out to everyone that these people that 'hack' accounts are not in fact 'hackers' -- they are merely mischievous souls who have gained some trusting person's password. These people believe that clams or possessions are more important then making and keeping good friends!

A real hacker is a person who is driven by curiosity and the pursuit of Knowledge, and real hackers DO NOT hack in order to harm others! They opt to leave no 'calling-cards' behind, and in my opinion, can therefore be proud of themselves.

To all of you so called "hackers" <--and I use that term lightly; if you'd work harder on raising your own salaries and spend more time helping others, I believe you'd be happier and feel a lot better about yourselves. It bothers me that people can steal another's account and feel nothing at all towards that person who is left behind to pick up the pieces.

I know this feeling first hand, cause not long after I started Whyville, I trusted someone I THOUGHT was a friend and gave them my password. Needless to say, they changed it on me. I cut my losses, realizing that little could be done to regain my account -?? I started all over and eventually got back on my feet. I wasn't mad at the time or overly concerned with what I had lost, but rather focused on the thief and his actions against me. It made me pretty sad to learn what he valued more than my friendship.

In the past I have done over 30 peoples' accounts in order to 'help them out', friends and acquaintances alike. But now I'm realizing that it isn't helping anyone by playing and beating the games for them when they are very capable of doing it themselves, not to mention that now, they, having had a good experience with me, are more likely to feel less danger in trusting another person who may not hold such good intentions!

Please don't give out your password to anyone, sadly, not even people you believe are your friends. Keep in mind that the majority of stolen accounts were not gained by thieves guessing your password but by you telling him/her. Guard your account and take responsibility for it, cause if you don't... someone else will!




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