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A Response from a Y-Mail Helper

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Some of you that are reading this right now are probably some of the readers from last week's article, Help From Y-mail Helpers.

Everyone thinks that it's so easy to be a Y-mail Helper, right? But honestly, it can get very annoying. Repeated questions over and over again, asking for clams, face parts, you name it.

Last week when some Whyvillians commented in the BBS, it seemed to me that a lot of people have been calling the Y-mail Helpers "lazy." Well, let's just say that we're not. Not one of us are lazy. If we were lazy, would we dedicate our time to Whyville, to helping people with needy questions, now would we? I admit, yes, I do delete some mail, and there's a good reason for that being.

1. There's no use of the mail. If it only says, "hey," "hi," or "yo," why do I bother to reply if I have other people waiting to be replied to?

2. Asking for face parts or clams. I'm sorry, but if you want clams or face parts, I'll guarantee you that I would tell you to go to Grandma's.

We are not lazy, at all, and someone (No name mentioned) in the BBS commented that she had rang the bell 20 times, and no Y-mail Helper came. Well, in the first place, if we don't come on the second ring, why don't you go to the Y-mail Helper page and Y-mail one of us? That's what we're there to do, answer y-mail. We can't be in the Newbie Center or on Whyville 24/7, we do have commitments in the real world too. We can't just give up our spot because we don't log on for one or two days, people can be busy, studying for tests, helping their parents, or not at home. We're volunteers to help you.

Here's a paragraph on the Y-mail Helper page: "Please be polite and stay calm when writing to these folks -- remember, they're volunteering to help you! It's much easier for them to answer your y-mails if you are friendly."

See, we are volunteering to help you, and it's not easy to Y-mail someone saying, "YO HELP ME DUDE I NEED SUM CLAMZ, CAN U HOOK ME UP?!", when you can just ask nicely.

I mean honestly, could some of you just lay off the criticism? Oh, and yes, most of the Y-mail Helpers waited to be in this position, and I bet you can too.

This is foxy005, heading off to Basketball practice.


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