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Dance Dance

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Dance Dance, we're falling apart to half time. Dance, Dance. And these are the lives you'd love to lead . . .

I'm sure you've all heard this annoyingly catchy song at least once within these last few months. Dance . . . Dancing is actually a very healthy way to have fun. I know I've joyfully got up to my favorite song and moved to the beat, everyone has. But there are many different types of dance. Each type is very different. I know I can't name all of them, or even attempt to. But here goes:

Hip Hop - This type of dance originated from the griots of West Africa. The griots were traveling singers and poets.

Ballet - This type of dance first appeared in Rome during the Roman Pantomime. It disappeared in the Middle Ages, but reappeared in Italy not long after.

Salsa - This dance was first created in Cuba, but the Puerto Ricans of New York are to blame for its worldwide popularity.

Belly Dancing - Although most people probably don't do this dance, it started somewhere between 7,250-6,250 BC in a village that worshiped female fertility.

Hula Dancing - The origins of Hula Dancing from Hawaii are unknown, but said to have been started long ago.

Freestyle - This is as old as humans, themselves. Just moving your body and having fun in any weird way you want is freestyle.

Dancing is just one way to have a blast! There are many, many more styles of dancing. What are you all waiting for . . . Just SITTING at the computer?! GO DANCE!!

Dancing at the Moment,


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