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How to Earn Clams Station

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Lots of people join Whyville each day! I mean lots! And I know that Whyville is definitely confusing when you start. I mean, when I was a Newbie I asked myself "Clams? Floating heads? Ymail? Salary? This place is crazy!" Whyville is a bit crazy, but that's what makes it all the more fun!

Anyways, lots of Newbies also ask for clams, or how to earn them. I am here with this article to tell Newbies how to earn clams! It isn't so hard!

The first thing you should do to earn clams in Whyville is to take the chat test! Once you pass it, you don't have to take it when you're ready to chat! It's a test of 12 questions, and if you submit it and get something wrong, it tells you the answer of what to do! Then you can just go back and change it. Once you get it all right you get a good 25 clams to buy a head. You could also save for a better and more expensive one!

The second thing you should do is to go to your salary ledger. This is where you get a salary, or a daily pay. (You're only paid the days you go on). You can get here by two ways, either by scrolling down to "Salary Ledger" on the Destination Bar, or clicking the bookbag (satchel) on top of your groovy bus, then clicking "Ledger" and then clicking "Salary Ledger" on the top bar of it.

This brings you to a pretty long list of games to play! I recommend that you try everything out, but do the easy games first, like the Skater game! This game is like there's a figureskater on the ice, and whenever you put her (or him) in a pose they spin, and give you a ranking. When you get it right, you get a 5 clam bonus and a gold medal to put in your house to decorate it when you get one.

The second game you can play is the House of Illusions! This game is easy, you just have to look at all the pictures in all 8 rooms. These pictures are illusions, so there's no right answer to if they ask if there's a smile in this pile of frowns. The pictures are kind of confusing, but it gets you an 8 clam raise!

Another game is the Spitzer Spectrum. This game is about Spectroscopy, and it asks where on the spectrum does this kind of ray occur. Play it 4 times and win it, and there's a 4 clam raise!

The last game I'll tell you about is the Spin Game. This game, like the skater game, is about the aerodynamics of certain objects. You also get a gold medal if you get the best score in this game. There are 8 objects, and when you spin them all and get a bronze or higher for them, you get a point per object. The fruit can is broken though, and there's no way to win.

Try out every game, though, not just the ones I told you about.

Another way to get clams is to play the games! Maybe if you play a nice Whyvillian in checkers and win, they'll give you clams!

Here are some things you shouldn't do:

-Go to Whyville cheat sites.
-Beg for clams.

These can get you in trouble. (Well not the middle one, but nobody will want to be your friend.) The bottom one can get your Whyville account banished! All that hard work, gone!

Well, I've got to go catch the train. I'll be back in a week or two from "Y-mail Help Station" on the Whyville Train. Well anyways, there's the train!

This is ps2man1, catching the train. (It's too bad I can't feed my cat! I forgot to bring him with me!)


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