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Whyville Announcements

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Whyville Announcements

Apartment Landlord
Naming Contest

If you read my artcle about Le Skyscraper D'Andy109, you must have heard about a contest right? Well here are the details:

To submit a name: Y-mail Andy109 and give as many names as you can think of. Please make them appropriate names. Submit your names by May 1st.

To vote for a name: Just y-mail me the name you like the most, the prize of 100 clams will go to the winner. Voting starts now!!

To win the contest: The prize is now 100 clams instead of 50, this is quite a lot for just one good name, so get your names in!!!

What are the names so far?

By aliciann:
Skyscraping Andy's apartments
Awsome Andy's
*The Sky is the limit*
Wild Whyville Apartments

By cronic420:
House of Paradice
The World of Rooms

My previous names:
The Andy109 'partment
Le Skyscraper D'Andy109

Please vote, and please send in your names. BTW if you send your names now you could get more votes!!

This is Andy109, signing off.


Avid Reader
I would like to read some of your stories. It can be on anything (appropriate). I will give 1st place 100 clams, 2nd place 50 clams, and 3rd place 50 clams. There will be no ties. Y-mail me your stories. Maximum words is 1000. That a lot, so get writing (and sending)!

Thanx daisychic.


Poetry Writer
Are you slipping from your girlfriend? Then please Y-mail me a message and I can get you a poem for only 2 clams!

Here is an example of a poem:

Soaking at the bottom of my heart,
ripping through the breath of my words.
Saying those 3 simple signs,
but they all fall apart.

You can get a great poem for ONLY 2 CLAMS!!! These can be used for real life or in Whyville. Show one of these poems to your girlfreind and she can start to appreciate you again.

And girls! I have poems you can use on men! I am a man, so giving you poems would be easy for me.

PLUS... If you are in Club Why, the price is lowered to 1 CLAM!!! How cool is that?

PLUS... every 5 times you use my poetry corner it's FREE!!!!!!!

PLUS... (geez, this is such a good offer you think I'd stop) every 25th time you'll get a 5 clam-back guarrantee.

Why does this sound so cheap, you ask? Becouse I'm a 13 year old poetic genius that collects Shakespeare, Stridon, and Reeth. I love poetry. Making it and listening to it. I decided to make my gift worthwhile.

How can you pass up this offer? It makes me happy, it makes your g/f or b/f happy, and when they're happy, you're happy, and you're only 2 clams shorter, and I get to do what I love.

Remember my offer, because I'm practically giving it away! CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP....... poetry.



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