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Gymnastics is a Way of Life

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In this article, we'll discuss strength, courage, and determination needed for gymnastics. We'll go through the individual events and the stunts in for gymnastics. Hopefully, you don't consider this a bore!

Gymnastics, the definition from Dictionary.com states the gymnastics means physical exercises designed to develop and display strength, balance, and agility, especially those performed on or with specialized apparatus. That is exactly what it is!

There are four events to gymnastics: vault, beam, bars, and floor.

At the Vault, you need a couple of things, mats, the vault itself, and a spring board. With the mats, you need a long one, so you can run and gain speed to hit the spring board. You need the vault itself to hit and throw yourself over. You'll also need more mats to land on at the end of the vault.

The vault is my least favorite event, I'm not a runner, and you have to be a runner for the vault! At the vault, your goal is to gain speed, punch ( means hitting the spring board), and fly over the vault in some kind of tumbling action; back tuck, layout, twist, etc.

We also have the balance beam. Now for this, you only really need two things. 1, the beam and 2, more mats! With the balance beam your goal is to stay on top of the beam, tumble, and dance! This is my second least favorite event because it's very scary up there and if you hit anything the wrong way, you could fly off and hurt yourself! I mean, c'mon, it's only four inches wide!

My second favorite event, would be bars, also known as, the Uneven Bars. With the bars, you need the following: grips (so you don't get blisters), the bars, and more mats!! Also, you can have a spring board if it goes with your routine! The goal with the bars is to just swing around and around with out letting go, or falling off! I think the bars is an incredible graceful event and it take a lot of strength to get on top of the bars and stay up there!!

And for the final event, and my favorite! The floor exercise! With the floor, the only thing you need, is the floor! On this event, it'll test your strength in tumbling, and your graceful and rhythmic ways! When you start the floor exercise, you'll have a certain routine you'll perform. Within this routine, there is usually three tumble passes and lots of dancing! You'll also have a song you'll be dancing to! I love this exercise, in my opinion, it's incredibly graceful and elegant.

You really need determination to be a competitive gymnast because those coaches are harsh. They don't hold anything back, if they don't like your back tuck, they'll say so! With competitive gymnastics, you have four days of gymnastics a week, and one day of dance. Also, within the four days, is four hours a day. On average you spend over 20 hours at the gym a week. It's hard, but it's worth it. You spend about an 45 minutes, give or take, at each event.

So when you're busy at home, with nothing to do, eating potato chips and watching T.V. you can get up, go to your phone book, find a gym around you and join. Hey, it doesn't have to be competitive, it could be recreational gymnastics, or you could just join tumbling, a one hour event where all you do is tumble!

Hopefully you found this lengthy article on gymnastics interesting!

This is x3stahrx3 signing out, and going to get some potato chips!
*Crunch crunch crunch*


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