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Jennifer is her name. And Whyville is her game. :) For the W.I.T.S, I decided to nominate a person who is not always kind, only sometimes helpful, but always very trustworthy. I nominate Flames7, my dearest friend.

Flames7's name is actually Jennifer, although she likes to be called Jen. Never Jenny. Just Jen. Jen is 14 years old and very interested in charities, and helping people living in poverty.

Jennifer started Whyville 20 months ago, after being told about it from her sister. Jennifer has lived all over the place. She was born in Ontario, moved to Australia at the age of 1 and a half, and then moved back to Canada later. She then moved to 3 different towns in Ontario. Jen goes to my school, and I met her 2 years ago when I moved to her town. We instantly liked each other.

Jennifer hasn't had a single missed assignment this year, and is an A student. She has been playing piano for 7 years, and is very good. Jennifer is an okay artist also.

Jen can usually be nice, but she has some bad streaks in her too. She is very sarcastic, can't stand when people spell things wrong, and ignorant people irritate her. She can get very cranky when people irritate her. Which is very often ;).

Jennifer sometimes gives face parts to Newbies, but never clams. Once a month, Jen donates all her old face parts to Grandma's.

Jennifer loves basketball, badminton, rollerblading and soccer. She can usually be found on Whyville, hanging out with a friend, or out playing sports.

All in all, Jennifer deserves the Whyvillian In the Spotlight, not just because she's "very kind and helpful and la dee da" but because she is very down-to-earth and straightforward. For this, she deserves to be rewarded!


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