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How We Were Created And The Future Earth

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How We Were Created And The Future Earth

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Once, a long, long time ago, there lived a god named Whynolius. He went around a great dark place, untouched by hands, and unseen by eyes. He wasn't exactly a human or an animal; there was no such thing until one great day.

That day, Whynolius wanted to make some things that would make him happy. He made light, great big balls of light that floated in the dark place. The balls of light were scattered, some billions of miles apart. Then he created rocks, great big rocks, scattered near the balls of light. These were the rocks on which life would live, but not all of the great rocks would have life because then they wouldn't all be unique.

He then made life on certain rocks. These were the first tiny specks of life. Then, eventually, very slowly, they grew and even got smaller! This life could call each of the other living things whatever they wanted, and they could call their species whatever they wanted.

Whynolius made one great rock, called "Terra Supernus" which means "Land of the Great" in his language. This was filled with the richest minerals and cleanest water and the greenest grass and the most beautiful climates of all the once dark place. He made one the species there the most advanced and called them, "Humanus Smartises" which means "humans, the smart ones" in English.

Whynolius let them live how they wanted, but after some time, things got pretty bad. The Humans started disagreeing and fighting over their territories and money, which they created to buy food, homes, clothes and more. Whynolius came down to earth as a human and told them to stop fighting or else in their afterlife they would be sent to a place with raging volcanoes and strong earthquakes, and if that wasn't enough, there would be heat so unbearable that they would burn up.

A lot of the Humans believed him, and followed in his teachings. Yet some people did not believe him and they kept being mean and greedy. Whynolius told them that in 2050 years in the future he would return to see how they were doing.

It was the year 2055 when Whynolius came back to earth. Whynolius was very disappointed at what he saw. There were very good things like cars, computers, electricity and much more, but there was also a lot of pollution. The Earth was once the most beautiful place in the great dark place, but now it was one of the worst.

Whynolius decided to change it all. Over one earth day he started it all over, and made a lot of changes. Instead of electricity, natural gas power and nuclear energy, he made geecha, an organic, non-polluting energy source. He made the people more one with nature so they would respect all that's around them. He made fewer people and brought back all the animals who had gone extinct due to hunting, pollution or loss of their homes. There was no money -- they would trade things or get their own somehow.

These new humans were still smart, but they were more like animals because they would not kill unless they had to eat whatever they killed, they would not kill other living things for pleasure and they would leave nature alone as much as they could. The humans did have homes but they were not big apartments. The homes were made of bricks that were made of mud and rocks, that the humans made themselves. Some of the people still lived in normal homes, but they conserved energy. This new world was very fun and was the best thing that Whynolius ever made.

Whynolius checked up on earth every 1000 years, but not for long. He made more balls of light and more great rocks. There were more smart species and some not so smart. They were all as good as Earth, and they were all unique.

Thanks for reading my mythical story, I hope you enjoyed it. Happy reading!

Your new writer,




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