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Well, March is turning out to be quite the month for Whyville happenings! First on the agenda, we have officially inaugurated our newest Senator, Mitsuy! The inauguration was held on Sunday, March 12. The outgoing Senator was sk87. Here is the Oath of Office:

CityHall: As a Whyville Senator, do you hereby solemnly swear to uphold the honor of Whyville, and to act always in the best interests of the people and the Senate of Whyville?

Mitsuy: I do.

CityHall: As a Whyville Senator, do you swear to honor City Hall and the other City Workers of Whyville in your public dealings, AND ...

CityHall: . . . (do you swear) to pursue Whyville Virtues in your public and private life?

Mitsuy: I do.

CityHall: Do you swear to uphold and defend Whyville and swear never to act in a way that would threaten its existence?

Mitsuy: I do.

CityHall: Do you pledge to serve your fellow Whyvillians and act at all times in their best interests and without prejudice or for pure personal benefit?

Mitsuy: I do.

CityHall: Do you further swear to fulfill the obligations and responsibilities of the office of Senator to the best of your abilities?

Mitsuy: I do.

CityHall: On my honor as City Hall, and in the presence of the City Workers, and your fellow Whyvillians, and by their and my will and favor, . . .

CityHall: I do confirm your position as a Senator of Whyville with all the rights, privileges, obligations, and responsibilities attendant thereto.

Congratulations Mitsuy, and good luck on your term!

Our next piece on the agenda is it is Whyville's Birthday! Can you believe that Whyville is already 7 years-old! In addition, any citizen who logs in to Whyville during March and who has been on for at least a year will get a veteran medal. These medals will be put into all recipients' satchels in early April. They're nontransferable and don't expire.

In conjunction with Whyville's Birthday we're holding a "Spread the Word" Campaign! Check out the information on the Welcome Page for details about the campaign.

Wow, there's a lot going on in this community of ours! Stay tuned for more!


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