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Brand Spankin' New Senator

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Good day readers! As you should know, Mitsuy is your new Senator. You may or may not know the "real" Mitsuy . . . so let's take a closer look!

MnkyCraze: What did you think of the other competitors? Did you think it would be hard to win against them?
Mitsuy: I'm quite fond of Ps2man1. Willis4 . . . no comments out of courtesy
MnkyCraze: Hmm . . . What kind of campaigning techniques did you use to win?
Mitsuy: Get a good team and be nice to everyone, not just the popular people. Oh and never use someone who thinks he's too good for everyone else to be your campaign manager (didn't happen to me, but you get the drift).
MnkyCraze: True, but what were your emotions when you found out that you won?
Mitsuy: I was pleased. I thought that either I would win or Ps2man1 would. (He would have been my choice if I wasn't running).
MnkyCraze: Do you think Whyvillians will like you, or still do?
Mitsuy: 62% liked me enough to vote for me, so yes. (and thank you to every one in the 62%) I know some of my friends voted for the others, so more than 62% of the people :).
MnkyCraze: Unlike the other Senators, are you actually going to make plans for Whyville's future?
Mitsuy: Senators did do stuff. Sk87 made multiple account voting impossible. I have a few things planned.
MnkyCraze: Neat . . . Do you have any tips for citizens who want to be Senator?
Mitsuy: Yes, there are a lot of people on Whyville. Do not underestimate Whyville's population. Oh and good luck :)
MnkyCraze: Do you have any other accounts?
Mitsuy: Yes, but they're a secret ;)
MnkyCraze: LoL, Are you frequently logged into Whyville?

Mitsuy: Once a day to clean out mail . . . to sit and click 100 boxes!
MnkyCraze: What is your favorite destination (on Whyville of course)?
Mitsuy: I like the Face Factory and the Whyhouse.
MnkyCraze: What are some of your hobbies, in real life vs. Whyville?
Mitsuy: Free time, I like to draw, paint, read, write prose, cook and run.
MnkyCraze: What do you like the best about Whyville?
Mitsuy: The people. My favorite person here is Nasu. She's my international penpal and my favorite designer. (check out her store "Nasu") There's also fairykiya, miramagic, 0naruto0, takashie, sakurac, and of course, nicky :D.
MnkyCraze: Cool! In real life, what do you find most interesting about you?
Mitsuy: I can make sushi of all kinds, so my friends like that a lot. I don't find myself very interesting. :)
MnkyCraze: Sounds yummy, How would you describe yourself, looks and all?
Mitsuy: I'm tall and lanky and Asian. Nothing extraordinary.

I hope you have learned some new things about Mitsuy! Who knew she was Asian like myself, or could make delicious sushi?

This is MnkyCraze . . . signing out! :D


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