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Pick Your Nose, Pick Your Friends

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In Whyville today, there are tens of thousands of face parts to browse and buy. But choose carefully! Why? Because what you put on determines who you will be talking to that golden afternoon in Whyville. Want to put on a cute pink tee and dye your hair blonde? Don't expect on hanging out with the kids dressed up in black and red. Want to slap on two pairs of eyes and display four arms? Well, you'll get noticed alright, but I doubt many people will be kind to you at the beach.

My name is AprilMist, and you might know me from my store, if you know me at all. You see, I have no real friends on this website, though I have been a member here for over two years. I am in love with face parts. I have everything from gothic eyes to pretty blondes to artsy tee shirts and back again. I have countless ribbons, contacts, and hair accessories. I am constantly finding myself running out of room in my little knapsack to hold it all. These are my costumes, and Whyville is my stage.

Everyday when I log on, I go straight to Akbar's to find some new little treasures, then to pick my nose and change my look once again. Yesterday, a cyclops; today, a beautiful french aristocrat; tomorrow, a pirate! I never know what I'll be or how I will look. Sometimes I just mishmash it all together. Then, my favorite part: the show!

I step into a room, usually something like Illusions Talk or the Sun Roof where you can get the best look and the biggest sized viewing. I normally don't say anything unless talked to. I observe. I observe you guys. I see how you interact, how you communicate. I see how you treat each other and how you react to whatever my appearance happens to be. You are quick to judge, quick to criticize, and quick to lash out insults. You don't realize that maybe I was that fun mermaid you talked to the other day because now I look half dead. Or maybe I look preppy this afternoon because I'm feeling girly, and you automatically assume I am stuck up or rude. After all of these years, that is how it has been.

I am telling you these things today because you all need to be told. None of us know each other because we're all too busy caring about the color of that guys hair or the rarity of that girl's mouth. Whyville is an amazing website with a lot of opportunities to meet people from around the world! How will you be able to take advantage of these opportunities if you are dissmissing someone based on how they happened to assemble their face parts that day?! Stop the prejudices and the stereotypes, it will only lead to discrimination and violence. Reach out to those around you, and make a new friend today, one who you think you would never get to know otherwise. Thank you.


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