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The St. Patrick's Day Clover Hunt

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Were you guys on Whyville on St. Patrick's Day, March 17th? Well, many of you know there was a clover hunt for a one month WhyPass! The hunt lasted all day, and clover patches kept on popping up! If you found the special, glowing four-leaf clover you got a one month whypass! Three-leaf clovers were really common in chat rooms, but the four-leaf clovers only popped up a few times! Some lucky hunters found them, and got a one month WhyPass.

I went hunting for an hour or two. For those who couldn't make it on St. Pat's Day, don't worry! I took some pictures of the clovers! They mostly appeared in AF Rec Room, Whoi, houses, the beaches, the mall, City Hall, Smart Cars, Tiki Tours, and I found one at the Trading Post. Where did you find your clovers?

Anyway, on with the pictures. My first clover was found at my house. It was a three-leafer.

The next clover I found was at Whoi. Me and my buddy Brayonne2 had a race for this. I lost, LoL! But anyways, it was only a three-leafer.

I found another clover at the mall fountain. I guess everyone else was busy shopping, because only a few people were there to see the clover!

The next clover I found was inside of Tiki Tours! It's kind of tropical there for clovers to grow! I guess there are tours of Ireland there now! Wait . . . nevermind! LoL!

The next clover I got was in AF Rec Room . . . on the ceiling. There must either be a garden there, or maybe it's really fertile up there! LoL!

The last clover I got to snapshot was actually taken before I could press Print Screen! It was at City Hall.

Well, I've got to go. I hope you had a good time reading.

And a Happy St. Paddy's Day to you, from ps2man1.


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