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Greetings citizens! Hopefully after informing you of these new movies, you'll go help them out by visiting your local movie theater! If any of you had watched the Oscars, most of you would probably think that it was a chance to get the low-budget films' word out. Some of the movies, like Good Night and Goodluck, Capote, and Munich, were nominated for categories such as Best Supporting Actor or Best Actor in a Leading Role. Some of them even won! How many of you can honestly say you saw one of those three films in the theater? I don't think many.

Another movie that caught my attention, Crash, won for Best Picture. I didn't see that one either, but I thought it looked good. But I also felt that Crash came out before the other films released in late 2005. Not only this, but most of these movies were rated R. I found that most of the films rated PG-13 were nominated for Effects in Sound, Digital Editing, and stuff like that. Hopefully next years will have a better choice of films.

Maybe some of the following:

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown: This film would be a great nomination for animation work! It is the sequel to the first Ice Age, with it's returning cast of Sid the Sloth, Manfred the Mammoth, and Diego the Tiger creature. This time, the ice that covered their habitat in the first half is slowly melting. Before the ice completly destroys their valley, the three of them must spread the word to the other habitants. This may be good to see with your family if the first one made you laugh. Rated PG. Coming out sometime in March.

She's The Man: This movie is sure to make you laugh. It stars Amanda Bynes, playing Viola. Viola's brother Sebastian takes a trip to London for two weeks, and while he is away, Viola pretends to be him, attends his boarding school, and gets onto the school soccer team. While attending the school, Viola/Sebastian becomes pretty popular on the campus, and develops a crush for her/his roomate, Duke. See how the relationships develop, break apart, and just get mixed up in general. Rated PG-13, out on March 17th.

Take The Lead: Starring Antonio Banderas, he plays a former professional dancer who volunteers his time to teach at a New York public school. While communicating with his new students, one of them sticks out. Together, the student and teacher form a new style of dance. Rated PG-13, coming out on April 7th.

Before I wrap this up, I want to take some time to let everyone know about the movie I've been wating to come out for a year! Yes, on July 7th, 2006, Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. I'm a fan of Johnny Depp, so this is exciting! For other Johnny Depp fans reading, I hope you're planning to see this as well!

This is blondyy16 signing off!


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