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The Sims

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Many of you have probably already heard of The Sims, I sure have, and I have been playing it since I was eight. Many people have been playing it for years and are experts on this fantastic, realistic game.

The Sims is a computer game, where you make people, control their lives, and almost anything else a normal human can do (well except for think for themselves). Once you create a perosn you can move them in to a house that you buy. To furish the home you must get you some simolians (money). Then you can either make a happy life for your Sim, or if you don't really care what happens to them, your Sim's life could be pretty sad. Having to feed your Sims, cloth them, make sure they are hygienic, and tons of other stuff makes this game one of the best around.

One of the first types of Sims is called just plain old "Sims." When that first came out, the graphics at the time were incredible! Now-a-days for a regular Sims player, that would be very plain, and boring. After the Sims got popular, the Maxis company (They make computer games, and some other electronic devises) started making more expansion packs to go with the new hit game. The company started rolling in the millions because to play expansion packs, you had to have the first Sims in order to install. Some of the expansion packs are: Pets Unleashed (you can buy pets now), Sims Hot Date (Sims date), Sims Vacation (you can now take your Sim on vacation), and Sims Super Star (Sims can become famous). I have most of these games and my favorite one would have to be Sims Pets Unleashed because having a pet on here is so much fun!

Finally, now in the year 2006, the Maxis company has came out with the ultimate Sims gaming experence, The Sims 2! Now with this game, you don't have to have two types of The Sims to install it because it isn't an expansion pack! Now when you play with your Sims they have: fears, they can grow older, have family members, you even get tons of new items for your Sims. But you also need more cash!

The Sims is an awesome computer game if you're into it. Keep in mind if you're under 12 you should have an adult's permission to play this game because it's rated teen for some mild situations. I hope you'll try out this game sometime, because I guarantee you'll really enjoy it!

-Coolgale8 <3


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