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Whyvillian in the Spotlight

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Hey there Whyville.

Guess what. I'm betting that a lot of people won't know this person. Heck, I don't even know her. But her Whyville screen name is nasabee and I am nominating her for Whyvillian in the Spotlight.

The original Whyvillian in the Spotlight article said that this was an oppurtunity to nominate amazing citizens. Amazing means that something is surprising. So far, many people are just seeing it as a way for famous people to gain more fame, and for friends to nominate each other. But not today. Today, I go past that. I nominate somebody that I don't know. I'm not nominating her because I admire her as a Y-mail helper, or a face part designer, but because, well, why not?

Nasabee has been a member of Whyville since 2002. A bit longer than most of the people on Whyville these days. She's seen a bit more of Whyville than the average citizen, but that doesn't make her any better than you or me.

Is she a good person? She sounded like a good person. I don't think she scams people or anything. She seemed pretty nice to me. She wasn't rude, or snobby, or ignorant. She didn't tell me that I was ugly, or that I was a Newb, or anything like that. She just wanted to talk. She's willing to be friends with anyone who's willing to be friends with her.

Now, I don't know that much about nasabee, but that's not all that important. The purpose of this is to highlight a citizen, that doesn't require me to tell you her life story. She likes shopping, reading, and loves to get y-mails. Ta da. Surprise? Amazing.

Amazing because she's not famous. She's not a name you hear often. Maybe this is the start of something. Maybe I'm starting her 15 seconds of Whyville fame. Maybe she'll become famous from this. But then again, maybe not.

Yours in Whyville,


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