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Who is Ben Stiller

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Hi EmmyEmmy here reporting about my favorite actor and personally in my idea the cutest one, Ben Stiller!

Ben Stiller was born on a chilly November day, to be exact, November 30, 1965, to parents Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller. He wasn't much different than you or me when he was younger, excluding the fact on how his parents were celebrities! He was bullied and teased by other kids at school though. It's always so hard to see a kid be teased right?

But when he turned into an adult everything changed. He started acting and things were brightening up as it seemed! He was on SNL (Saturday Night Live), in 1989, but he was a little mad when his short films rarely made it on air. After he left SNL, he made up two Ben Stiller shows. One aired on MTV in 1990, and the second one was on fox during 1992. He only had 13 episodes, and ratings were down the drain.

Now he has starred in over 40 movies! That seems like a lot, but to me, only a couple days of staring at the TV! Because when I watch one Ben Stiller movie I have to watch one more. My personal favorite movie was probably Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, or Zoolander. He mostly plays the lead in movies, or somebody evil like White Goodman in Dodgeball or the evil fitness guy in Heavyweights. With abs and muscles, you need to show them off! Yet, with all this success, he suffers bi-polar manic depression. He said he'd dropped acid in high school and he immediately called his parents and let them know.

Before I bid you a fond farewell, Here is my last Ben Stiller quote, "You separate your own experiences from what people think or write about, because even if somebody writes about something that happened in your life, 95 percent of the time the get it wrong. I'm not leading a life people should care about. It's not like I've made a sex tape or anything. Not that I think anybody would want to watch a Ben Stiller sex tape."

Now, I shall bid you a fond, Ben Stiller farewell!
"Good bye . . . "


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