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Hybrid Hype

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Have you heard of or seen a hybrid car? Well I have and I did some research and thought I should explain to you what the excitement over these new popular cars is all about.

Hybrids are cars that have special engines made to combine electricity and fuel to get better fuel economy. These have become extra popular in 2005 and 2006 because of gas prices going up. I read about them on the Internet and found out how they work.

In the Toyota Prius, a hybrid car, the gas motor controls the car while going fast. When the car stops the electric motor is charged up and it accelerates the vehicle until you get going really fast again. The EPA rated the fuel economy around 50 miles per gallon.

Hybrid cars are also good for the environment. Regular cars that use a lot of gasoline pollute the air and contribute to the green house effect and global warming. With electric motors assisting the gas motor, less gas is needed and less pollution is created.

It seems like these hybrid cars are perfect for our wallets and our air but are they worth it? Hybrid cars are mor expensive then regular cars by 5 to 10 thousand dollars more so is it saving you money to buy a hybrid? No. Well, not for a long time that is because you are paying so much extra when you buy the car that it would take several years before the money saved on fuel adds up.

So that is what the "Hybrid Hype" is all about. Even though they may not save you money, they can help save the environment!



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