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Whyville Citizens, Beware the Imposter

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Whyville Citizens, Beware the Imposter

by Hotstuf12
Times Reporter

Attention Whyville citizens, there is an imposter among us. Her name is Flower and she is asking for passwords saying either she works for the Times or City Hall. You must be cautious.

Fact #1: Why would City Hall need to ask for your password when they could just look up your file?

Fact #2: Why would the Times need it when they could ask City Hall?

I had a chance to speak to some of the victims of Flower's "games". One of them, Amanda, said that it was weird because Flower had changed her face and spent her clams. When she found out what happened she was MAD. My sister was also a victim. Flower got on while my sister was on and changed her face right in front of my sister.

"I did it I did it" This is what several citizens heard when Flower was at Whyville Square shouting, "I did it, I am guilty."

If you see this trouble maker, do not, I repeat, do not give out your password. And remember, citizens, be careful.

If you gave her your password, send City Management mail saying that you need your password changed because Flower has it.

There is also the rumor that she stole clams. Do not worry, this is impossible. Only City Hall has the power to exchange money.


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