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Hello Whyvillians! As you may know Ps2man1 was the runner up of the latest Senate election! I know mitsuy is very exciting also but I thought you should know his side of the story!

Sylvangal: Why do you think yourself and mitsuy are so popular when it comes to the polls?
Ps2man1: Because we both design facial parts and are very good at it.

Sylvangal: Did you or any people you know ever bribe people for votes?
Ps2man1: Never!

Sylvangal: Can you provide us the readers with your strategy of coming so close in the polls?
Ps2man1: Campaign, campaign and campaign!

Sylvangal: What are your hobbies or interests?
Ps2man1: Hmmm . . . Whyville, writing stories, reading and sports.

Sylvangal: Do you have a fancy for sports?
Ps2man1: Yes some.

Sylvangal: How much work does it take to be in the position you are in right now?
Ps2man1: Too much, if I have to say so myself!

Sylvangal: Are you and mitsuy very good friends? Do you think she will make any changes?
Ps2man1: We're good friends, and if she tries she'll probably make a change or two.

Sylvangal: If you had a second chance to run, would you again?
Ps2man1: Yes, and I do have a second chance. Rules state that top three candidates or former Senators can still run, but the current Senators can't.

Sylvangal: Is Whyville an after-school thing, a hobbie or spare time fun?
Ps2man1: Hobbie and spare time fun.

Sylvangal: What is your opinion about newbs?
Ps2man1: Although we shouldn't give them clams, we should help them because they're the next Times Writers, designers and y-mail helpers.

Sylvangal: Have you ever witnessed rudeness towards your behalf?
Ps2man1: I've witnessed it but I try not to.

Sylvangal: What would have you changed if you were the Whyville Senator?
Ps2man1: Lots of things, whatever was on my platform.

Sylvangal: Do you have a favorite food?
Ps2man1: Yes it would have to be pasta.

Sylvangal: If you had one wish on Whyville, what would it be? (Being Senator doesn't count)
Ps2man1: That . . . I finally got my solistice safari 11 points.

Such strong words from a powerful Whyvillian. Ps2man1 is an inspiration to not just newbs but to everyone on Whyville! Good luck at the next campaign!

This is ~S~Y~V~A~N~G~A~L~ saying:
"I heart you whoever you are, ciao."


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