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Whyvillian in the Spotlight

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Hello Whyville, Xia45 here!

When I found out about Whyvillian in the Spotlight I had to think a long hard time about who to nominate, but I did find out who I wanted to nominate . . . my sister, Cancer623!

You are probably thinking I am just nominating her because she is my sister but no that is not true! I am nominating her for all her traits good and bad! Let's take a closer look at her shall we?

My sister loves a lot of things starting with animals! She even remembers the first time she held an animal! (Unfortunately she almost squished that animal!) My sister has some pets of her own even though she is 8! Cancer623 owns a guinea pig named Mary and a Beta fish named Strawberry! She does a very good job of cleaning their tanks and feeding them! Besides helping animals of her own my sister loves to help other pets! She goes to the animal shelter every summer and feeds, cleans, and plays with all the animals there!

The second thing my sister loves to do is read and write! She loves drawing pictures of pigs (her favorite animal!) and writing stories to go with the pictures! My sister then types up the stories on the computer, draws a final draft and creates a book! She has been recently trying to write a newspaper in our electric typewriter ever since she read the American Girl book called "Kit." She loves reading because she says it takes her to another place and she can get stuck reading that book for an hour and not care!

Another thing you should know about her is that she talks a lot and usually about pleasant and nice subjects! My sister has many friends because of that and has friends over almost every day! She loves to chat; yet Cancer623 cannot chat! She told me she would really like to but has a lot of friends so it's no biggie! Some of her other hobbies besides talking include: tae-kwon-do, horseback riding, painting, and shopping!

Thanks for your time and I really did enjoy telling you about my sister! Now maybe, just maybe some people will know about her! Can you imagine being on Whyville for a year without any friends? Probably not!

This is Xia45 signing off,


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