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I interviewed some random Whyville users I met in the Beaches and asked them about their favorite things on Whyville -- and things they don't like. Let's see what they think:

8XangelX8 was first:

Tfklover: What is your favorite chat room on Whyville?
8XangelX8: The Why-house when I'm a cat or baby, and the beaches when I am a person.

Tfklover: If there were anything you could change on Whyville what would it be?
8XangelX8: How you have to pay for Why-passes and I would give people full bodies.

Tfklover: Thanks-see ya round.
8XangelX8: Np.

Next was jimbo1935:

Tfklover: What is the best part of Whyville, in your opinion?
Jimbo1935: Chatting.

Tfklover: If you suddenly received 10,000 clams as a gift from City Hall, what would you do with them?
Jimbo1935: Save them!!

Third I met up with Clamz77.

Tfklover: What is your favorite thing to do on Whyville?
Clamz77: Chat.

Tfklover: Is there anything you could do without on Whyville or just think should be changed?
Clamz77: The getting taped thing, well, that I could do without.

Tfklover: If you could change absolutely anything on here, what would you change?
Clamz77: Nothing!

And last, but not least, ShUgEr01:

Tfklover: Which chat room do you like the best, and why?
ShUgEr01: My favorite chat room is the food court because all of my friends hang out there and it is just a fun place to be.

Tfklover: Which game is your favorite?
ShUgEr01: The Alien Rescue Game.

Tfklover: Which game do you like the least?
ShUgEr01: The Getty Treasure Hunt.

Well, there you have it, folks. What some random citizens think about your town. :-)

Tfklover, signing off!


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