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Habbo Hotel

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Looking for a cool way to creatively interact with friends and make brand new ones? Habbo Hotel is a virtual 5-star luxury hotel where you can hang with all your pixilated pals, style your own rooms with furni (virtual furniture purchased with Habbo coins), listen to music and play games! The fun begins when you check in to the hotel and create and style your own Habbo character for FREE. It only gets better from there . . . as you navigate through the hotel floors and rooms, you get to walk, talk, swim and even dance with your fellow Habbo community members!

As one of today's hottest online teen destinations, Habbo Hotel attracts all kinds of cool guests . . . even famous ones! Today's top musical acts including Ashlee Simpson, Bow Wow, Gorillaz and lots more, have come by the hotel to meet their adoring Habbo fans. At Habbo Hotel not only can you rub elbows with the stars . . . you can become one yourself! This spring, the hotel is launching "Habbowood," an exclusive movie-making competition where you create your own film with easy-to-use editing tools and get judged by your fellow Habbo friends! The prizes are awesome and the experience is beyond cool.

If you need a break from all the partying and mingling, check out the Habbo Hotel newsletter packed with info on hotel happenings, music recommendations and Habbo-submitted articles. Other cool hotel perks include awesome downloads, convenient prepaid cards available at CVS stores nationwide and challenging competitions, mazes and quests.

Check in and check it out . . . you'll have a blast!


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