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A Great Crash

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To my fellow Whyvillians,

I am writing this article today to inform you of the reason why the Times has not been updated in the past week. I am sure many of you can relate to my difficulties because I have experienced a very traumatizing event. The computer that I have used to work on the Whyville Times suffered a complete breakdown. Or in other terms, my computer crashed.

Given that this job requires a computer to be completed, the task of updating the Times became rather difficult this week. Please accept my apologies, and know that me and my fellow City Workers are working as fast as we can to either fix my computer or find a temporary solution.

With that said, there are a few articles in this issue that I was able to salvage before my computer went into failure mode. The rest of the articles I had received are sadly gone forever. So, if you have written an article for the Whyville Times in the past few weeks, please resend it. Keep it mind that if you do not EXACTLY follow the instructions found in the article, "So You Want To Write For The Times," your article will be automatically deleted.

This means you must put the following in the subject line:

[type of submission]: [author], [title]

It is absolutely necessary that you do this so I can distinguish between your articles and spam/viruses that may be sent to the Times account.

Do not worry, the Times will bounce back from this unfortunate mishap, and we will have a full issue out for you in no time. Until then, keep writing!

Yours in Whyville,
Times Editor


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