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Clam Showers

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Hello, this is xcarrotx, with the 411 on the clam storms. Although I was only caught in one, I reaped the rewards: I got four hundred eleven clams!

If you didn't know how to find one, here's how. Go to the welcome page and click on the Weather Spot. It will bring up a page that gives you a clue to where the storm is. If there isn't a storm going on, it informs you. If there's a storm warning or a storm spotted, you can read it on the bus under "Weather Report." If a storm was spotted, you can click on the link to go to the Weather Report. Read the clue and go to the Warp Wagon! Then, match the clue with the place it is located. Go to that place and there will be a clam storm! (If there's no one there, it's very likely you're in the wrong spot. Trust me.)

Usually, the storm area is so packed with people, you can barely move. Literally. There were so many people, the movement took a long time to load. You could click on a spot to go there, and you'd move ten minutes later. At first I saw clams falling, and then people started to say "Yay! [number of clams caught]" I was frustrated until I caught a clam. Then I was determined to stay there and catch more. Unfortunetly, I wasn't able to be in the storm for the entire time. Someone was ringing the bell at the Newbie Center.

Well, when I was done with the call of duty, I went back. I didn't get as many as Rex13, who claims he recieved five hundred fifty-five clams in one storm. I saw someone recieve one hundred sixty clams at one time, not the regular one clam.

Here are some pictures of the exciting event.

Waiting for the storm to start . . .

It's raining, it's pouring . . .

I've never been caught in such a wonderful storm.


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