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I Love Whyville!

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I just want to devote this article to Whyville. Whyville is the most outstanding website ever. We take so much in this virtual "world" for granted. Whyville lets the citizens create petitions. Our Whyvillians can make something better about Whyville! Other sites don't let the people submit their thoughts and feelings. We have a Whyville Times, where citizens' articles and stories are published.

Our City Workers are extremely fair. They only punish someone when it's necessary, because we have duct tape and clam fines. The worst you could be is banished. On most sites, it's just "You're banished, that's it." Whyville gives citizens a second chance, which we should use to think about what we did to get taped. And hopefully, not do it again.

Whyville accepts us for who we are. There is such a variety of face parts in the mall that no one should look the same (unless they wanted to). We get to design our character, we get to design the parts that go on our avatar's face.

Whyville is againist racism, there are about 20 different colors of skin in the stores!! Hehe!!

Whyville's free! For all the benefits we get as citizens, we are so lucky that it's free. If you want to buy a Whypass, they are very affordable. Some other sites cost $20 a month just to join.

Whyville's wacky! When I joined, I thought the idea of earning "clams" was the funniest thing ever. Now I almost call real life money "clams" by accident!

The chatting is safe. I feel very safe in Whyville. Other chat sites are filled with bad language. Whyville has a wonderful, up-to-date filter; including City Workers. My parents are satisfied with Whyville out of all the websites I go on.

Although some people have complained, I am really glad that we are not aloud to post pictures or video clips on Whyville. The people out in the world aren't just good ones, and many children have been stalked and kidnapped. Don't think that a picture of you will only be for friends; because once it's on the internet, it's out. Be super careful when entering any information about yourself. Do not ever give out any personal information that might reveal yourself or others!! Even if you're only talking to your friends, remember, Whyville knows what citizens are saying and whispering. Whyville won't stalk or kidnap you, no; not at all. It's just you wouldn't want complete strangers knowing personal information, such as your telephone number! Don't give out cell phone numbers on the Internet either. That's just as dangerous.

We get to meet other people and talk to our real life friends. Since my god-brother moved away (I wonder if he's reading this!), I've been missing him so much. Since long distance calling costs a lot, Whyville is that bridge that keeps us together . . . sniff.

As citizens, the possibilites are endless! Throw a disco party. Run a campaign for Senator. Become a fashion designer for children and teens around the world. Chat with your friends. Post comments in the BBS. Or, if your like me, play lots of science games. That way, I can raise my salary and spend hours shopping in Akbar's and changing my look! I am setting challenges for my summer break: I want to raise my salary to 90 clams.

I also like how Whyville is educational. The games are fun, teach you, and they are so rewarding! I tell you, if I ever have kids I am going to introduce them to Whyville as soon as possible!

Well, to sum it all up, Whyville has touched the hearts, souls (and brains!) of thousands of kids and teens around the globe. We love Whyville! I'm going to play Whyville until I'm ninety-two.

Love you Whyville!


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