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Paying it Forward

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If you borrow something from someone, you pay them back, the idea of paying it forward is the opposite. You help someone and in return, they help someone else.

Just recently, my class watched the movie Pay It Forward. It's about a boy, whose teacher assigns them a project to change the world. The main character comes up with the idea to "pay it forward" for the assignment. The idea is that you help, or do something good, for someone, and in return they are to "pay it forward" to three different people, and the three people have to do the same (and so on).

Our teacher decided it would be fun to "pay it forward" in our community. I thought we should try it on Whyville! I have to admit, we aren't always nice to everyone on Whyville some time or another. So we should try to pay it forward on Whyville.

You be nice to three people on Whyville, it could be anyone, and they need to "pay it forward" to three different people each. Then the three people they helped (nine altogether) helps three more people each, and so on. So everyone should be paying it forward somehow on Whyville at least once one time or another. The idea is to get our fellow Whyvillians to help and be nice to one another.

If you pay it forward to someone, be sure to tell them to pay it forward and help/be nice to three different Whyvillians, that way, people who don't read the Times, would understand and the chain will be continued.

Try "paying it forward" in your community too. It's a great way to help one another.

So pay it forward and keep the chain going.

This is rufus001, signing off


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