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Hello Whyville! I'm here to try out something new that I hope will be accepted into the Times for the future continuation of this article. This is called "Behind The Set," and I hope this will be a series of biographies of the hottest actors/actresses of today! Today I would like to start things off with a biography on Adrien Brody.

Adrien Brody was born in Westhaven, Queens, New York. He attended schools for acting, and by age 13 he was on two off-Broadway plays and starred in a made for TV movie!

Since then, he's had multiple roles in different movies, where he gets to experience what it is like to be someone who is the complete opposite of him.

Despite a strong performance in The Thin Red Line, Adrien was most noted for his performances in Summer of Sam and The Pianist. At the 2003 Academy Awards, Adrien was awarded the Best Actor award for his role as Wladyslaw Szpeilman, a Polish-Jew living during the Holocaust.

Other than being an award winning actor, Adrien is an annual participant in the Gumball3000 race, similar to that of NASCAR in the United States.

If any of you reading have seen Adrien Brody's picture before, the first thing you've noticed was his nose, right? Well there is a story behind that, believe it or not. While filming the end to Summer Of Sam, Adrien was in a fight scene in which the co-stars took a little too far, and broke his nose! His decision was to leave it as it was, and now his nose is the feature that separates him from any other actor.

Are you a fan of someone you wish to share with the citizens of Whyville? Mail me your nomination!

This is blondyy16, researching some more great stars!


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