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Review of the movie Rent

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Hey there peeps.

Loser4God here, writing an article about one of my personal favorite movies, and it's a broadway musical, Rent. Well, here goes nothing. LoL.

Rent is about a bunch of people, some have diseases, some struggled with other things, and they could not pay the rent. Here is a quick overview of the main eight characters, because I thought that may be interesting, LoL

Mark Cohen - Played by Anthony Rapp. He spends his time filming footage for a documentary, and other things, such a funny little fellow, don't you think?

Mimi Marquez - Played by Rosario Dawson. She is 19, a drug addict, she dances at a place called the "Cat Scratch." In the movie she is attracted to Roger Davis, and tries hard to get him.

Roger Davis - Played by Adam Pascal. A musician whose goal is to have one hit song before he succumbs to the virus he received from his dead girlfriend, April. In the movie he is attracted to Mimi Marquez, but for personal reasons can't bring himself to her.

Angel Schunnard - Played by Wilson Jermaine Heredia. Angel is an original person that loves having fun and who loves love.

Maureen Johnson - Played by Idina Menzel. A unique woman who marches to the beat of her very own drum.

Tom Collins - Played by Jessie L. Martin. Collins is a teacher. He is an anarchist, also.

Joanne Jefferson - Played by Tracie Thoms. A lawyer who is with Muareen.

Benny - Played by Taye Diggs. The rest of the characters are not too fond of Benny. Though, he used to be roommates with Roger, Mark and Maureen.

Ok. Those are the characters. Now more to the history of Rent.

It was written by Jonathon Larson who died the night of the dress rehersal in 1996. It is based on the 19th century opera "La boheme." The people that are hopelessly obsessed with rent and will truly probably always be that way, we like to call ourselves the Rentheads. Yup, Rentheads. Kinda catcha, don't 'cha think?

That's it for now!

Please post responses in the BBS's, I love to hear what people think!


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