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I had no doubt about my nomination when I first heard about the WITS. I knew the person I had chosen would be perfect for the nomination and would deserve it 100%. She isn't popular, she doesn't give away stuff, she isn't nice. In fact, this isn't why I would nominate someone. My nomination is lollyfob, and I think she should be the W.I.T.S.

I know lolly, a.k.a. Melisa, from school. We are both in grade 8. I picked her because, well, she's halarious! She can make anyone giggle a little if she wants to. I think being able to make people laugh is way better then being nice or popular.

Melisa plays drums and piano, and sings in a band. Pretty good for a 13 year old, eh? She enjoys origami, and doesn't care what people say about her. She takes risks and makes any sad moment happy with her funny words.

I remember once, in grade 7, that me and Melisa entered the talent show. We went for the audtition, we were gonna sing "Amazing Grace." I didn't know it at the time, but I had the worst case of stage fright! The moment we got on the stage, I froze up. Melisa coould tell I was scared, so she did what she would always do . . . make me laugh. She started singing "Ugly Girl," the parody of "Barbie Girl." Not only did this make me stop being scared, it also made me sing some of it to! We got picked to close the show.

But Melisa also has a serious side. She expresses her opinions strongly when she has to. Some people call her mean for doing so, but Melisa doesn't care. If there is any oppurtunity to voice her opinion, she will take it. This is also a plus, since she enjoys writing and journalism.

She isn't "nice." No one is truly "nice." It's just a label, Melisa taught me that. If someone were to call her "nice" or "kind," she would politely correct them. She isn't kind or nice, according to herself. She is just herself. Not always perfect, not alway evil. It's a healthy balance.

So Whyville, that's it! The person I think would be perfect for the Whyvillian in the Spotlight. Pick her if you wish, just don't call her nice.

Punkpriss, out


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