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The Support of Whyville

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The Support of Whyville

Guest Writer
Hello fellow Whyvillians! As you may have noticed, spring is here in Whyville! With the exceptions of Leila's backyard (*sigh* her pool is still covered with ice and snow) and the Disco (the disco never was winter if you ever noticed the picture of the Square -- it stays the same), everywhere you go you can see grass and (a lot) of flowers. Even the Club Why treehouse has leaves on it.

I only came to Whyville around November or December, and I saw summer slowly fading away to winter back then, which makes this is my first Whyville spring ever.

Aside from spring, there is another issue that seems to always be in the Times:

    The Support of Whyville

Whatever you call it, SOT, Club Why, or just all around support.

You also know the ways you can do this:

Wear the Why hat, buy a S.O.T. flag or stamp or other things that loyal Whyvillians have made at Akbar??s. But of course, the big one is joining Club Why.

First I'll go over the Why hat. Don't wear this as a fashion thing or because all your friends are wearing it. Don't not wear it because all your friends aren't, either. And if you just don't want to wear it, then don't! I don't wear it, myself, but I support Whyille. You can still tell people about saving Whyville without the hat. The good thing about it is that without saying anything Whyvillians will see that you support your favorite Web-town, and they might consider it, too.

Now, signs at Akbar??s. I'm sure you've seen them. They are in New Arrivals, Hall of Fame, A thru Z parts and all the Xtras. If you don't have enough clams then save up, buy one off someone who has one (don't ask for it, ask to buy it, since no one likes to give things away for free and lose 5 clams for sending it, too) for cheaper than you can get at Akbar??s, or if you can't do any of that, ask me and I will buy one for you and sell it to you.

Have you joined Club Why yet? Not a lot of people have and those Whyvillians who haven't say it's so unfair that they don't get the parties, prizes and games that club members get. If you've said that then think about this, do you have a big house? Lots of face products? A lot of clams? If you do, then don't complain because you should be able to afford Club Why. It could cost you 800 clams that you have to pay all at once and then you don't have to do anything more.

And how else could City Hall get Whyvillians to join if she didn't offer prizes and games and stuff? People probably wouldn't join for nothing. If you can pay in real money then do it. It only costs about 80 cents a month. That adds up to $10 a year.

Bigfoot Bill wrote an article lately, and if you haven't read the important news this is it: Whyville has had a 74% drop in bad behavior since the WhyWatch CallBox came. That's great, because it means there is a bigger chance now that Whyville will be saved. You should check out City Hall's letter to parents about why we need to have Club Why (especially whoever wrote the ad "Why Club Y" that I see all the time).

Now this is sort of my own petition; I think that if someone is going to pay for Club Why with clams that we should be able to pay the 800 over a span of time not all at once, for instance, when you get your salary you go to Club Why and pay however much you want to and then when you've finished paying your 800 clams you get a whymail.

There should be a time limit, though, too, and you can't get any of the offers of Club Why until you're done paying up. Maybe three weeks for a time limit? This would help because newbies and many veterans can't afford 800 clams at one time. They are too concerned with their faces and they have fairly low salaries. But it is because of all the new Whyvillians coming that Club Why had to be made, and if they want to join then they really should be able to.

Remember, the 800 clams payment is only something you should do if you can??t pay in real life because of your parents or something.

I might make a real petition about that, but if you really like that idea then make one yourself.

Operation Oprah is another way to save Whyville, so whymail Googles, Vixen, Catgirl, Mart or Lazzie for details or read the article in the Times about it.

I've noticed some really good articles in the Times lately, so lastly I will tell you some of them to check out (some are already in the archives):

  • Andy109's apartment name is a contest to see what Whyvillian can think up the best name
  • Canadians and Americans were fighting in Whyville
  • Lucasluv's fashion interviews
  • Operation Oprah

Your devoted reporter,




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