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Moving On

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Moving On

Recovering Citizen
Hello! I'm here to talk about all these password hackers. I know everyone has been moaning and groaning about this. But it's really a bad thing. This happened to me! My name was Britt34. Man, not to brag, but I was pretty.

One day I was in the square, talking to my friends, when someone said to me, "I can get your salary up." Well, I said ok, but it was on my other account, ChatKat. I gave them that password, thinking my other accounts would be safe. But that password was also my password to Britt34.

Well, the next day I went on to my favorite site, Whyville! (Duh!) I signed in... everyone dreads seeing those words, "Sorry, that's not the password we have for you." And there they were before me.

I tried getting in over and over again. But it didn't work. That day I saw myself, (Britt34) in the pool party! I was very upset! I kept telling everyone that I was Britt34! But no one believed me!

The weirdest thing happened, though. My friend didn't know that someone had hacked my account, so she subscribed me to the Whyville newsletter. She put in the e-mail that I had used to sign up to Whyville in the first place, but the hacker had changed it in my account.

When a letter came back to my friend saying that that wasn't my e-mail address, we knew right away that we could e-mail the person and try to get my account back. (I know this is getting boring, it will be done in a min!) Anyways, we did e-mail her. Well, she cussed me out! Then, finally, she confessed in the Times a few weeks ago. I hope everyone believes me now!

This is Becky78 aka Britt34 signing out!! Have a good day!

P.S. Don't even consider giving your p-word out to N E ONE!!


Recovering Citizen
This is dude32 signing on... signed on. About a month ago I was hacked. It wasn't that pretty. I was being stupid and gave out my password to newwy05. I was MustangGT.

When this happened I felt like I was a total idiot. I had been getting 54 clams a day and had a girlfriend. I had spent about 800 clams just to get my face.

Then about three days ago I ran into newwy05. It was his brother. I didn't know that at the time though. I asked him for the password but his brother (older) hadn't told him. I asked him if he ever found it out to Y-mail me with the password and he agreed.

Now I only get 31 clams a day but am still managing and I would like to tell anyone who might have sent mail to MustangGT, send it to me because he was hacked. Hopefully newwy05's brother will find it out and Y-mail it to me if he can.

This is the former MustangGT signing off... Signed off.



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