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The Bongy, Part I

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The Bongy, Part I

Googles & Mart
Whyville Storytellers
One dark, stormy night, a young aspiring scientist by the name of Yolanda Marelyn was relaxing all nice in her big easy chair with her bunny, Bunny, and her dog, Dog. She loved them both VERY much, but could only have one pet in her new apartment. She didn't know which one she loved more...

Back in her lab, earlier that night, she had just finished her brand-spanking new machine that had the power to connect two things to make one, sort of like the opposite of ripping Siamese twins apart.

She carried her pets to the machine, kissed them both, and set them inside, snapping the lid shut. She hesitantly pulled down the large red lever, turning on the machine. Through her wild eyes, she watched the sewing, stapling, and cutting begin. Steam rose from the machine, and KABOOM!!! -- a 10 foot animal hopped/leapt out at her and barked uncontrollably while twitching its nose. It licked her face wildly and toppled her over and she discovered what a wonderful pet it made. Yolanda was instantly in love with the tickly, fuzzyish fur it had.

**"I shall name it...Bongy."**

As the years passed, Yolanda obviously grew older with age. Since she was about to be shipped off to an old folk's home, she turned over her adorable pet and hardly-used machine to a small boy, Andy, and girl, Joanna.

Five years later, Yolanda passed away, but the Bongy lived on.

The children kept the machine and the Bongy in their hearts and kept them safe for all they had until....

To Be Continued Next Week!


Note: googles and Mart have made a club called Bongy Inc. If you would like to join, please y-mail one of them for a chance to be in it. There will be a newsletter and interesting facts about Whyville and the Bongys.

Written by googles and Mart in memory of their dear friend, Yolanda.

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