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Whyville = Educational!?!

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Whyville = Educational!?!

Guest Writer
Yo Whyville!!!

I have just realized something: Whyville is supposed to be educational. This has inspired an idea in me.

Well? What is it???? I know you're all DYING to hear my idea, so I guess I'll just have to tell you.

Whyville is supposed to be educational, and that means it??s supposed to teach something worth while or something we're actually supposed to know. We have Dr. Leila to inform us on all things scientific (and we should have a Dr. Leila tribute for all her hard work), we have the Spin Lab to tell us how things basically work, and yes, this too is educational, the House of Illusions. It gives us a look at what some great minds have thought up -- and I think that City Hall should put the names of the creators under the illusions (if she can).

But that's all science and stuff. There are so many other things to be learned! History -- I know, it's a yawn, but we're gonna learn it anyway, so why not do it in the best place anywhere? And geography? Sure, why not?

But, this isn't my idea. Education includes reading and spelling and language skills. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure you'll have a similar outlook on this kind of thing -- reading is probably the most appealing option of that list.

And that's the problem. A lot of people have the wrong idea about books. They just read a few, and they were terrible (hey, not every book is a good read) so they just stop. That's the wrong attitude. I've read so many books, and some are okay, but some are just so good!!

I know lots of books, and I would give them to you, but unfortunately, I don't have my teleporter thingy with me. So, if ya need a good read or are looking for one cuz your teacher made you, y-mail me, or y-mail the reading club we have here.

I hope my article wasn't too boring, lame, and pointless, but I needed to say this, cuz books are a great way to waste some time when ya can't use the computer and it's raining. :)

KarateKid~ Signing Off!



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