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Take a look around the Whyville Times today. What famous people do you find? Singers? Actors? Or sports superstars? Chances are, you find singers and actors. Why not any sports superstars? I have no idea, but that's why I'm here. I want to give you a little knowledge on Pro Wrestling. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) to be exact.

There are two rosters in WWE. RAW and Smackdown. In both rosters, a variety of superstars entertain thousands of fans. Some of the most common Raw superstars include:

- John Cena
- Triple H
- Edge
- Trish Stratus
- Mickie James

Some common Smackdown superstars include:

- Rey Mysterio
- John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL)
- Gregory Helms
- Kurt Angle
- Booker T

For both rosters, there are four championships up for grabs.

For Raw, the championships are:

- The WWE Champion (John Cena)
- The Intercontinental Champion (Shelton Benjamin)
- The Women's Champion (Mickie James)
- World Tag Team Champions (Kenny and Mikey from the Spirit Squad)

For Smackdown the championships are:

- The World Heavyweight Champion (Rey Mysterio)
- The United States Champion (JBL)
- The Cruiserweight Champion (Gregory Helms)
- The WWE Tag Team Champions (Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro)

Although Pro Wrestling is fake, it is still quite enjoyable to watch. Both rosters make great television shows. On Monday night there is RAW, and on Friday night there is Smackdown. But, then there are also Pay-Per-View events. Some include:

New Years Revolution
Judgement Day
and many more.
(of course, you have to pay for these)

Now, there's one show called WWE Bottom Line. Todd Grishim hosts it and he recaps what happened on Monday night RAW. It's on Saturdays and Sundays.

So, now you know a little bit about WWE today. WWE used to be WWF, but since World Wildlife Foundation already had it, they changed to WWE. Hope you learned lots!

This is tbear10 signing off to go watch Bottom Line!


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