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Exciting Hobbies: Part 2

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Okay, Whyville, this is Tfklover back for Part II of my series on some pretty cool hobbies. Apparently, some of you didn't see the point in my doing this. So I am just going to say it right here.

I want you all to meet new people that might share the same hobbies as you, or so you can learn about a new hobby. That's it! Anyway, I interviewed GrayHeart about her favorite pastime for my second article. Here we go!

Tfklover: What is your unusual hobby?
GrayHeart: I write plays.

Tfklover: Why do you enjoy that?
GrayHeart: Because I have a rather boring life, to tell the truth, and so when I write plays and figure out the characters, plot and stuff like that, I can imagine it's my own life!

Tfklover: Are there any hardships that might take some time to get used to?
GrayHeart: The biggest thing for me, I would say, is probably just having patience. Since I have to write the entire script, and since I'm impatient, it's quite annoying.

Tfklover: What kind of things are involved?
GrayHeart: Characters, plot, the script, and just making it sound good, like in any kind of writing.

Tfklover: Do you have any advice for someone who might want to try this out?
GrayHeart: If you want to try writing plays, you'll have to use good description, and I would especially recommend it to people who are good writers. You also can't have crazy things in your plays unless it is a fantasy. For example, if you had a realistic fiction play, but the main character went to school on a unicorn, that wouldn't make sense.

Tfklover: Wow, sounds great! Thanks for your time!
GrayHeart: Sure.

Alright, there you have Part II! Be sure to a) Post thoughts in the BBS b) Ymail me if you have an exciting hobby c) Check back for Part III d) All of the above! Correct answer: d.

Getting out my pen and notebook,


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