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No Laughing Matter

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No Laughing Matter

by Pikachu2
Guest Columnist

As you all know there is someone named Flower going around Whyville. I have a suggestion: if that Flower person is asking you for your password, delete the message immediately and tell City Hall. If she is at a chat with you and your friends, and she asks you, make up an excuse then e-mail City Hall.

Trust me this is NOT a joke. My sister got duped and Flower spent some of her clams. Now listen, WHY would City Hall be joking and sending out the e-mails? City Hall is NOT JOKING. This is serious and if you have all your hard earned clams spent after reading the e-mail and this article, don't blame me or City Hall. I am usually a very care-free person but now I am serious.

I don't want to see any clams wasted by Flower, especially if you earned them by winning games and doing BBS submissions. Please take this seriously and BE CAREFUL! We don't want to have some stranger spending our clams. I know I don't, so we all need to think before we speak.

Flower if you're out there please turn yourself in.

Besides why would City Hall ask you for your passwords if they already have it? I for one don't want people spending my clams, messing up MY face, my house and my room.Also if we ever can trade things they might trade all of our stuff for prizes or something. So please don't give out your password unless City Hall asks you for it which I think they won't.

Thank you for taking this time to read this article


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