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Whyvillian Relationships

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Whyvillian Relationships

Happily Single
On a recent visit to Whyville, I saw my friend being harassed by a fellow Whyvillian. She had asked him out and he said no (good choice!), but she wouldn't take that as a no. She kept saying, "Want 2 make out?" I was so disgusted that I whispered to him to leave.

I'll come to my point now... people, we don't all need b/f and g/f, and if you don't have one, get over it!!! REALLY!!!

This is cujo signing off!!


appily Unmarried
Dear Whyvillians,

Marriages: what are they all about? Well, I don't really feel like going on the town and asking people, so I will just tell you my opinion. I think marriages are stupid. You people are taking this town and making it soo realistic. Yes, I know Whyville is soo cool, real, nice, etc., BUT you can ONLY take it so far. Marriages?!? What the heck are you thinking? No offense to anyone, but why the heck would get married? You don't even know the person!

Now, some of you are really really gonna hate me... and some are already ticked at me... but Ash only tells the truth, and well, if you are married I think you should give it A LOT of thought. Marriage leads to cyber sex, and to my knowledge cybering is NOT ALLOWED. Whyville is not a real town, it is some kind of make believe, so you shouldn't get married. Now, I know some of you people say: "Well, we are just pretending." And for all I care that is just "Swell". But online?!

Well, I think i will go now, that you have my opinion, you can cuss me out in Y-mail!


anonymous author
Happily Dating!
Hey, all you teens, I'm here to chat about b/f and g/f's. I know many of you will probably say that they are ridiculous. Personally, I disagree. Whyville gives you a chance to get away from reality and just chat. If you are really nice and you can't get a boyfriend or girlfriend, this gives you a chance to be yourself and not be turned down because of your looks. Do you want to know more? I would vote for a singles club and a ski hill, how about you? Well, that's all for now, I hope I will become a regular writer, writing more about Whyvillians opinions!


Unhappily Warned!!
Hi all Whyvillianz!!! This is my first time writing, so sowy if it's bad! Anyway, lets get down to the point, shall we? One of my biggest concerns about Whyville is the warning!!! People abuse it too often!!!! Ever since I first started in Whyville, (which isn't too long), I've been warned 5 times for no reason!!!

Now, every time someone's done that to me I ask them why, but they never answer me and act like it never happened! I don't know what their problem is but pleez don't take it out on me or on my fellow Whyvillianz!!! This tool isn't to warn people because you think it's fun, it's a way to show other Whyvillanz who's acting up!

I've written this because I love Whyville and it should be a safe and fun place to live. I hope you all agree with what I have said and use your tools wisely!!!!! Thanx! :)



P.S. Pleez support your town!!! It needz all the support it can get!!!



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