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The Scion Controversy

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Hey! I know I haven't written an article for the Times in a while, because I've been fairly busy and had no time to go on Whyville. But I'm back, like it or not. Hopefully you do like it. Anyways, my article is going to be from the other side of the "Scion Controversy," the people with Scions.

I'll start the topic off with a corny . . . or well . . . fruity joke about the Scions.

Question: What did the banana that had a Scion say to the orange that had just ridden in his that wanted to buy a Scion but couldn't?
Answer: Orange ya glad you didn't buy a Scion?

I put that joke in here to "lighten up" the moment. But, let's face it. Those of us that have Scions need something to lighten the moment up. When you park your car, or go in it, especially at the beach, you are crowded around, and begged for "invites" from lots of people.

Then, you see your friend! You invite them in and they come in, you invite someone you know a tiny bit and say drive. While moving, many people say ":-(," and "Not fair," and the occasional "You stink, boi!" You go to check your mail after driving: 50 "you stink!" mails, 30 "sad" mails, 20 "invite me into your scion, yo" mails, 10 "yo hook me up widda scion dawg" mails, 5 "can I have your scion" mails and 2 mails saying "Thanks for the ride!" from your two friends.

Seriously, for people to write articles about how it isn't fair is just plain wrong. I say people should just stop that and look from the people on the other side of the story.

And for the lazy people who beg for clams for Scions, or even Scions, learn to work. Learn to make clams. I recommend the Newbie Center for this. Just don't ask me for them and I'll be happy, and that goes for anyone else, too. And if you get scammed for a Scion, that stinks, but you should pay some attention to news.

Well, time for one more FRUITY joke.

Question: What did the banana say to the newbie who was about to ask ps2man1 for clams for a scion who happened to be against my view?
Answer: Orange ya glad ps2man1 is done with his article? Now you can post your opinion in the BBS.

Please do.

This is ps2man1, jamming to "I write Sins not Tragedies" by Panic! At the Disco.


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