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I could never think of a perfect nomination for WITS, because there is not one. People nominated nice or kind people, and it got complaints. They nominated popular people, and it got complaints. They nominated friends, it got complaints. With all this, I was discouraged about writing a nomination.

Then I had an idea. I am nominating her because she is everything I wish I was. She has the best comments on the BBS, and that is what I know her by. I do know her and do not. Her name is Spunkgrl, and she is your WITS.

I am not friends with her, I have no clue if she is kind or nice or whatever, and I don't think she is popular, I know nothing about her. I have seen her a few times, but they were good times believe me.

According to the Editor, you should be "creative on how you would like to highlight this amazing member of our community," and we should write about their accomplishments. Well, I hardly know her, so I will write about the obvious things. She has a nice house, an okay salary, and nice cluster of pixels. That's basically what I know her by. And, her posts.

She can CRITICIZE, and I applaud her for that! She isn't trying to be mean or rude, she is helping people by saying what she liked, disliked, etc. Her posts are very helpful and give good feedback. Sometimes, they make me giggle, she is funny, too.

So will this get complaints? Probably. Will some people not like this? Probably. Does she deserve this? Absolutely.

So thanks Whyville, and thank you Editor if you do (or do not! :-I) publish this. And thank you Spunkgrl, for making me like posting in the BBS.

This is Melisa, trying to find a word that rhymes with "sour."


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