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Love her voice or just love her, new Christina Aguilera fan club comming soon
Contact fra03 for more details.
If you have a good singing voice, join my choir called The Singing Symphony.
Contact: kaykay10 for details
Store: Nick Corp.
Owned and Operated by Nick (Tokyo1) designs by Tk1.
New Arrivals at Aratrons Anarchy!
Come check out the latest fads. We have new hair, jewelry and shirts.
Contact: Aratronx or Naratron
Wanted: If you love anima than join the anima club!
Where: tokyo. (use warp wagon)
Time: we will meet on fridays at 3:00 Whyville time.
Contact: penguinjr for more info about the club.
Looking for support in the upcoming election, if you can help me run for Senator, please contact me!
Contact: Hotboi764
During the upcoming senate race, check out anyonka's platform!
Be sure to buy an anyonka4senator sign by kitlover.
If you have any questions, contact kitlover, anyonka's campaign manager. =D
My store (Bone85s adventure park) has opened into Akbars Face Mall and parts are flyin (not litterally LoL).
Exotic items, beanies, shirts and MORE!
Be sure to go to Bone85s adventure park, now!
PETA kills animals club!
I know that many of you believe PETA doesn't kill animals, but I want to encourage you to join this club so you can learn.
Contact CupOfCake for more!
Do you like Gothic Loli/Rori fashions, visual kei or any other Japanese youth culture styles?
Please contact Tsuki1 or Zadrgurl for information!
New writing and Drama Club! Exciting and Cool!
Official meeting date soon! Contact Xia45 for more information.
Hey, wanna recycle? I mean in the cafeteria?
Join in the recycle club for weekly meetings and earn clams while you recycle!
Contact create666 or scpagurl for info.
New club being started. The AODSC (Anti-Online Daters Club).
Sounds interesting, y-ail Hotboi764!
Wanted: Girls to compete in the upcomming Miss Whyville Summer 2006 pageant and competition.
There is a 10 clam entry fee.
Please contact piNkH0ty
Looking for the hair Greatest Fan.
Also selling Doll Parts and Cookie Bar =X.
Y-mail lexy32600 with offers and how much for Greatest Fan.
The Scienteers are a group of Science loving people willing to volunteer to contribute weekly Science articles to the Times.
If your article isn't accepted, it's okay, as long as you try.
Contact Hand11 for an application.

Editor's Note: If you would like to see your club, store, or any other need advertised in the Whyville Times make sure to send in a Classifieds Ad to the Whyville Times at times@whyville.net. It is really easy! Just write what it is you are advertising, a short description, and who to contact for more information. Every ad gets accepted as long as it is appropriate! I encourage all of you to take advantage of this free advertising space in your Whyville Times.


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