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A City to Remember

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Hello Whyville! It feels good to be back. "What are you talking about?" you may be asking . . . but just continue reading! I recently took a trip down to the capital of the United States of America with my school. That's right, Washington D.C.!

Normally I prefer to write (or type . . . ?) articles about things within Whyville, but I had such a great trip I knew I needed to report to you about this spectacular city.

As many of us know, Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States. But some other facts you may not have known was that Washington was the only city to be planned out before it was built! Just imagine knowing exactly where you would have to put certain buildings, streets, fountains, and much more.

Another fun fact for you is that a large strip of land in Washington with many monuments on it is called the National Mall. You may be thinking "Mall? That's where I go to shop!" This may be true, but this type of mall I'm talking about is a public walking place.

On the trip with my school, we went for four days, and saw so many of the sights, my head was reeling! The Holocaust Museum, the FDR Memorial, the Iwo Jima Memorial, the Vietnam Wall, and the Lincoln Memorial are just a few places we visited. There are so many more you'd have to see for yourself.

One of my personal favorites, and architectural wonders, is the Washington Monument. A little more than 555 feet tall, you can see this monument almost anywhere in Washington! At times we drove so close to it, I could see individual blocks. It took my breath away.

One of the more solemn places we went was Arlington National Cemetary. If you didn't already know, this is a huge cemetary for the soldiers who died, or had served a number of years in different wars, and their families. There were thousands of gravestones as far as the eye could see. This cemetary also features JFK's grave, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. My school even placed a wreath at the Tomb.

One last thing I'd like to talk about are the buildings in Washington. All of them are built so grandly, and most of them had numerous columns supporting them to add to their splendor. It was one of the most beautiful cities I had ever seen.

Well, this is MizAlyzza signing off to puzzle a few minds.

Tchao for now!


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