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School's Out!

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Today I'm writing about the end of the school year, for most of us . . . and we all know that that means -- School's Out! I even know a couple of people on here that are graduating from High School. But here's some things to remember to do before school's out.

1. Thank all your teachers, by just saying thank you, writing a card, or even giving a small gift. This means that next year if you have the same teachers . . . you'll be on their good side!

2. Just because it's the end of the year doesn't mean you don't have to work hard anymore. Now's the time when you should be doing the extra credit because I think most of us forgot that with the end of the school years come . . . *plays scary music* . . . report cards! So keep up with homework and everything else.

3. Start cleaning! If you have old binders, they still might be good for next year. You can save some extra cash if you re-use old pens and other things for next year. Also, although it pains me to say this, clean out your bookbag! You don't want last week's tuna salad sandwich to be rotting in your bookbag all summer long. Do you? I didn't think so.

4. Make some plans. A lot of people hang out at the community pool all summer, but this year make a plan to join a local basketball camp, or even a soccer team. And if you're not into sports there's always some alternatives like camps such as, art, science, or music. Just be ready to fork out some extra cash.

5. Do somthing good for your school. Plant a flower bed with your class. Start a beehivers club for next year . . . anything! There's so many great things you can do. Like plan a bake sale, and give all of the money raised to your school or local library so next year you'll have great books!

These are just some ideas of things you should do before school is out! If you can think of other things, then put them in the BBS. There might be a School's Out Part 2 article so keep looking, and have a great summer :).



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