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Respect Me for Who I Am

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Hello, Whyville. Drinkme here. I know you probably get lots of articles like this but I want to report on an observation I made today.

Now, seeing that a huge amount of Whyville's population hates Newbies, I went into different chat rooms to make a speech. My speech went something like this:

"Hello Whyvillians. I am here to say that Newbies should be treated equally with respect. Everyone in this room was once a Newbie, and I'm sure everyone has feelings. Everyone you meet on Whyville is a real person with feelings, and they deserve as much respect as their Whyville avatar does. Not all Newbies are annoying clam beggers. Sure, I am dressed all in Grandma's donations, but you will just have to see my inner beauty. I'm ugly, but I am also nice, and probably many newbies are like that. Many want clams, but what I think, is that most of them just want a friend. So keep it in your heart to respect newbies because not all Newbies are Noobs!"

I said this the first time in the Food Court. One girl came up to me. She was wearing about three stacked Starstrucks (not the real ones, but that doesn't matter), Blue eyes (probably Bling Like Ice), a really bold black nose, pink uneven lips and a really nice white and blue shirt. She said to me, "What are you talking about?" And I told her, "I am telling the people here that Newbies should be treated with respect." She replied (in huge capitol letters) "U R A NOOB!!!" I tried to tell her I wasn't, giving the definition of a 'Noob' and a 'Newbie', but she would not listen.

Incase you're wondering what they are, here's my definition.

Noob: A very annoying clam begger and/or scammer. Sometimes it is even someone who already has an account, but just wants more and more and more!

Newbie: A newbie is simply just a new joiner! They aren't always annoying, but most of them dress in Grandma's parts, and many people don't want to look into them.

So after the Food Court, I decided to go to Dr. Leila's. Inside Leila's house there were about six people. I gave my speech. A very pretty girl came on top of me and said the words "So true," and she went back to where she was sitting. This made me happy because someone actually cared! In fact, all of the people in there cared! After talking to them and making a few new friends, I teleported to the moon.

A pile of people were in one corner. I went near them and gave my speech. A girl with the hair "Dirty Little Secret" and Bling Like Ice eyes came over to me and said, "Keep dreaming."

Another girl said, "UR ONLY SAYING THAT CUZ UR A NUWBIE!" (yes, those exact words) I responded with "Yes, I AM saying that because I am a Newbie. And so are many Whyvillians. I think we should be treated with respect!" She responded with, "FAT CHANCE! UR TOO UGLY TO BE RESPECTED!" I told her to realize that I was a nice person, even though I was ugly. I even said "Well, what if there was someone new at your school who was really ugly? Would you turn her down?" Her response was, "IT DONT MATTER UNLESS SHE PRITTY!" Then her friends ganged up on me. They threw yucks at me and called me Noob, no matter how many times I explained what a Noob really was. They told me to shut up, they called me ugly and many of them kept saying that outer beauty mattered the most, and most of them (no offense) weren't that great looking. I finally started to get ticked off and I called the meanest girl an idiot. She responded back with, "OH SHUT UP NOOB!! IDIOT IS REALLY HURTFUL U DONT DESERVE RESPECT WITH THAT ATTITUDE!!" I said, "I only called you one because you are acting like one. You don't deserve to be respected with an attitude like yours! I am trying to be nice but you can only accept looks! But still, I am open to be anyone's friend, so if you end up losing your friends with your mean attitude, just ymail me."

And with that I left. I know I sounded mean but I was trying my best not to say the meanest things that I could, because trust me, when I am offended I can say awful things. My message here is that inner beauty counts. Think of stories like The Ugly Duckling and have you ever heard the spin off of Sleeping Beauty? It's called Sleeping Ugly. The Ugly girl lives in a shack and is very very ugly, but she is caring and sweet. She offers part of her shack to the animals (she lives in a forest) and she is gentle and kind to anyone. On the other side of the forest is a princess. She is really beautiful but she is really mean. If someone gets in her way, she kicks them. If an innocent little cat annoys her by accident, she steps on it. She is very mean. Well in the end, Prince Charming notices that the ugly one is a much nicer person, and he kisses her to wake her up instead of kissing the princess.

Next time you see a newbie who is nice to you, don't call them Noob. Get to know them! They may be really smart, funny and nice! Thanks!

This is a message from Drinkme!

Now I'll go try my hardest to get people to like Newbies!

*exits newspaper and clicks North Beach*

Author's Note:I am not really a Newbie. I have another account from 2004! But that's a secret. Shh :)


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