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This week's edition of WITS is going to be savvy, creative, and fabulous! You want to know why? I'm nominating one of the best people I've met on Whyville, and his name is Sam!

Ah, Sam. Let me tell you more about this wonderful lad. His Whyville screen name was Serigo, just like that dude in the Taxi. Sam lives in Rochester, England and has a cute British accent.

He used to be Mr. Popularity of Sector Y back in the day. The girls flocked around him, and so did the guys. His cartoon was always handsomly dressed, and he always had his signature "bling" smile that made the girls love him. It was more than his outwardly appearence that made me love him, it was his witty, charming, funny personality.

He always had something to talk about, and there was never a dull minute around Sam! Sam always sat on the little green hill at the top of Sector Y and whenever a friend walked in the room, they were greeted by his welcoming "Howdy!"

I've got so many great memories from hanging out with Sam. One time someone made a ton of clone accounts of him, and they would always walk in the room! It was hilarious, but confusing for some of us.

Overall, I picked Sam because he's a far out dude. He loves music, and tea time which I think is especially cute.

Now, I'll tell you what happened to good 'ol Sam. He was banished *screams of terror*.

So does he still deserve WITS? I think he does, because he had a big impact on so many people and on Sector Y. For those of you who remember him, you know why.

Best wishes,


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