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What's in Whyville?

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What's in Whyville?

Times Photographer
Hi everyone. Today, I'm going to be showing some pictures I took up and around Whyville. This article may be more interesting to new people, rather than the old, because I'm also telling about what these places are good for and what stuff you can do there. Stuff like that. But, if there are older citizens out there who find this appealing, please read on.

The main idea of this article, though, is to help newer people and to give them an idea of what there is to do besides chatting and worrying about clams. So, please, if you are a new person who wants some guidance out there in Whyville, or if you are feeling kind of lost, I suggest you read this.

As most of you probably know, this building is the SmartCars Arena. Here you can play the test drive rounds, watch people race, or, if you're feeling lucky, even challenge someone to a race of your own. Each time you complete a test drive round, your salary will be increased one clam. As there are five rounds, you can easily add five clams to your salary the next day, although a few of the rounds are kind of hard.

Or, if you decide to take advantage of that lucky feeling and challenge someone to a race of your own, that's even better. Each time you challenge someone and win, your ranking will improve. If you make it to the top 10 races, you get a big bonus, which can sometimes be up to a couple hundred clams. But please remember that will take a lot of patience, and the more people you challenge, the faster you'll get up there. Plus, if you don't challenge anyone for a long time, you will become retired and have to sign up all over again.

If you really don't feel like doing any of that, you could always go into the stands and watch re-runs of other people's races and make bets with your friends or just cheer someone on, that's also fine.

This has always been a favourite of mine. Yes, it's the Whyville Bazaar. I know this may not be tempting to those who have no clams, but it could encourage you to go out and get some if you really want to stop in here sometime.

There's a number of shops here, including the Furniture Farm, Akbar's Body Parts R Us, the Brick Emporium, the Trading Post, and the Projectile Shoppe. There's also a new postcard thing here, which allows you to send postcards to your friends who are not yet Whyvillians, to encourage them to sign up.

Anyways, the Furniture Farm is where to go if you have a house and want to decorate it. The Brick Emporium is the place to go if you have a house, but wish to expand it. For body parts. . . hmm. Well, I guess I'd try Akbar's. It has the best collection of face stuff. If you get mad at people and want to just haul off and whip something at them, run right to the Projectile Shoppe. Lastly, if you need body parts and Akbar is too expensive and Grandma failed to give you the pick of the litter, go to the Trading Post and bid what you can and you may just win the item that you want.

Well, this is me in Club Y's Members Only Area. Yes, Member's Only Area. Which, in short, means you can only get in if you're a member of Club Why, which will cost you $10. 00 or 800 clams.

I know it sounds expensive, but it really is worth it. You get to have exclusive parties, get a free Whisper Pass for whispering in the Square, or do all kinds of awesome things. Also, by joining you show that you're 100% behind Whyville and want it to be successful in surviving.

Club Why also allows you to do more SmartCars testing, and stuff like that. I'm not going to give it all away. If you want to know the rest and get inside this cool room to see it for yourself, then you'd better sign up. The faster you sign up, the faster you're showing your appreciation for Whyville. And if you don't have 800 clams, please come to me and I'll be glad to give them to you, for the sake of Whyville. So remember to join up with Club Why, and please tell your friends to do the same.

La la la la. Yes, it's the disco. The entrance to this place is always secret, so some of you may have never seen it before. It's a really cool place with flashing lights, and actual music. A lot of parties are held here, and I don't think you'd like to be missing out. It really is a cool place, but as cool as it is, it can be sort of hard to find at times. But if you ever can't find it, just go to the Square and ask if anyone knows where it is, and someone will be bound to answer you.

You may even like to hold your own parties there, I don't know. But it is a neat place that I think some new people would like knowing about. Last time I checked, the entrance was in Sector Y, but who knows? It could have changed by now. I wrote this a while ago, so check, and if it's not there, either look for it yourself or go ask someone. Good luck finding it!

So, I've shown you some of the places I like myself and think would be good for new people. How about you? If you think I've missed something crucial, please go ahead and correct me in an article of your own! I mean, I only wrote about a few of the places that are cool. I'm sure there are other hangouts, but these were the easiest to understand the concept of, and what they're there for.

Well, I guess that just about wraps up my article for this week. Please stay watching for my next article, which hopefully will be coming out soon, whenever the Times Editor puts it in. But first I have to finish writing it.




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