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The Ongoing Debate

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The Ongoing Debate

Guest Writer
You heard Phatangel's story. You heard Vamp's. The fact that there have been these articles about racism aimed at Canadians and Americans (and at least 1 Australian) is good! Whyville is a place to come to learn and talk and make friends, and these articles are helping us understand how to do that better.

Whyville shouldn't be used as a place to make fun of people or any race, or stereotype them. Vamp mentioned some stereotypes in her artcle (please read it and Phatangel's in the archives) and I am going to mention some.

  • aren't lumberjacks
  • don't always say 'eh' (not ALL the time)
  • don't nessicarily cheer 4 the Leafs
  • aren't always fishermen
  • NO ONE lives in an igloo anymore!
  • not always cold (The southerenst tip of Canada [in Ontairio] at Point Pelee is more south than Montana and South Dakoda)
  • aren't ditzes
  • don't always speak with an accent
  • don't all have a gun
  • um, I don't know many because I'm not American but I'm sure there are many things people think that aren't true!!

And I'm sure that fights between Americans and Canadians are the fault of BOTH SIDES, not only Americans or only Canadians.

Thanx, from BluBird.


Guest Writer
I am from Canada, and I don't consider that to be an insult. Where I live, Quebec, there is an ongoing fight between the rest of the country and Quebec. Since I am Canadian, all these political fights really affect my life, with people telling me I'm a stupid, dumb, useless Canadian, and I should die, just because I don't agree with their politics.

I came to Whyville to avoid being called a stupid Canadian, but I find some people from the United States are taking the place of the separatists. (A Canada-local newspaper might tell you the goal of the separatists, in case you don??t know what's going on up here.)

I think the United States is divine, a lovely country that is so different from us in good ways. I??ve been there, in Vermont, and I loved it! A lot of people in my class at school want to move to the warm climate of California or Florida, or the relaxing French community of Arizona.

Some people are turning Whyville into a political goal station, and that's terrible. We should be able to hold hand-in-hand with the people in the world and forget the political static.




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