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Miss O & Friends

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Author's Note: Kiki here again. Besides opening up a new round of the Solstice Safari (sign up now!), I've found a great new web site that you really might like! It's called Miss O & Friends™.

I asked our friends over at Miss O & Friends™ to let you know a little bit about their site and here's what they sent over:

Miss O & Friends ™ -- Created by girls and for girls

What kind of a web site would you and your friends create? If you look at Miss O & Friends, you'll see what Juliette, her sister and friends created.

Juliette starting creating characters when she was 10. With help from her friends and her mother, who is a graphic designer, they created Miss O & Friends™. The website was launched in April 2005 -- a place where girls can interact and express themselves in a safe environment.

Juliette is now 17. She and her younger sister Olivia, who is the model for Miss O and is now 11 years old, are actively involved in what goes into the website. So Miss O is by girls, for girls.

What's on the web site? There are dress up games, a fun popquiz, entertainment news, crossword and jigsaw games, and lots more. Join the Miss O Club and accumulate points to use in contests. And, it's all free.

Here's some news: The first Miss O book, "Miss O & Friends: Write On!" is now available at www.amazon.com, at the Miss O website, and will be in local bookstores in late June. It features poems and stories written by girls ages 10-14, selected from a writing contest held on the Miss O & Friends website, where over 10,000 entries were received from girls just like you!

So why wait? Visit Miss O & Friends ™.


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